Turn the Season

“A stone is taken by the tide, another season on the other side.” Fucked Up.

This is a perfect song and the sentiment rings true. It’s worth the time of day.

I deleted a blog that wasn’t very productive for me and made a decision to stop using the internet in a way that I dislike and believe isn’t conducive to the sort of life I want to lead.

However, I do want to keep writing and having a place to do that is important. I wish I had the willpower to write it all down physically, and I will endeavour to do a little bit of that each day, but this will be for the – hopefully – more comprehensive trains of thought. I’m still toying with the alternative of a private diary on my MacBook alone but I think the fact this is ‘out there’ might be more encouragement to produce something for it.

If this even gets off the ground, it’ll have no genre – it’ll be little of everything, united poorly and likely to be of little significance to anyone but me.

And there’ll be dogs.