International Womens Day

Not sure how I feel about international women’s day – patronising maybe.

My mum is an obvious player today. I don’t think I need to write about what she has taught me about being a woman and making my own choices. 💃🏽

One of my favourite things to witness is people supporting each other. Be it parents supporting their children or the other way around. Colleagues or best friends supporting each other or a partner supporting their significant otter and women fighting their corner together.

A significant reason as to why I feel so lucky and grateful is that I’ve always had such a supportive network of friends and family – and I’ve tried to be the wind in some of their sails when they’ve needed it too. I think because of this some previous people in my life have stuck out as falling short of this bar that I’m fortunate to have had set by such good humans.

It’s International Women’s Day and since day one with him I’ve felt that Doctor T has only ever supported me (with plenty of ironic misogyny for good measure) in being the woman I want to be, which sometimes is relatively androgynous and untraditional. It’s a cliché but for that face-I’d do anything. And the best bit is it feels like all I have to do is be the best version of myself. I’d hate to be anything other than a positive force in his or anyone else I care about’s life. He makes me feel a little bit more capable, self confident, and proud of all the weird bits of my personality. (He also makes me increasingly grateful for my female body 😉 – when there have been times in the past that I have resented it). At the same time I think if I was being a bit rubbish he’s not afraid to give me the kick up the arse I’d need to get back on track.  

In my last job I made a great friend in my tutor who is a spectacular woman and one of my main examples for leading a good life. She is honest, calm when the shit’s hitting the fan, purposeful in what she does and says and is so very kind. She is tough but also forgiving and she is proper when she needs to be and pure filth at the right time. I have so much of her guidance rippling through my brain when I’m faced with a challenge. The only difficulty is to actually live by it. We bonded over a love of animals and the outdoors and I cried so much when it dawned on me how much I’d miss her. I text her today in a similar vein to the above and she replied that she’d had a little tear. Which is another reason why I love her – I learnt that being emotional wasn’t necessarily inconducive with being strong. 

So many women are amazing. And the people who support them in being amazing are pure gold. 


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