True Detective 

VELCORO saluting his son goodbye was a bit emosh. 

This season is nothing on the first but I still really enjoyed it and got invested in the characters. 

My plans with my friend fell through today so I might go to see The Jungle Book and cry at that. 


I listened to a women’s hour five minute segment about flatulance last night and it wasn’t annoyingly coy or embarrassed or sexist. 

One woman made a good point in that we need women and girls to be more comfortable with their bodies and that includes everyday functions. And the functions of our friends. 

The other idea was the humanising nature of something like that. That although we might believe wholehearted that our significant otters are perfect bordering on divine – a bit of flatulance can show you the more human side. 
I laughed about it because that’s how I was raised. 


I used to think you can never truly know someone, only what they choose to let you know. And I stand by that. 

But I’m realising that’s okay. That what I know – what the doc is sharing with me – is beautiful. Whether that’s what he chooses to share or an almost unfiltered view.

I want to learn more and more and I don’t think I’ll feel differently. 

Ideally what I get to see is genuine but not quite the whole article. There’s weight to living your own life and to there being more for me to find out and swoon over. It’s important to me that someone is comfortable and that they take something positive from the way I feel about the way they are. 

I share too much I think. This is a perfect example of that. Too honest and I know I’m being a soppy girl.  

I’m very grateful, I realise this to new extents and in new ways. I’m grateful for this human whos sharing the same space for a minute or two. 


My negativity: Nothing like the luck of realising I’ve got a chest infection the day before i go on holiday with my love for a week before he leaves for 6. 

The rest of me: I can’t wait to go to Sardinia with my love for a whole week away from everything. I really hope my tastebuds kick back in before I eat any amazing food in the next week. 

I wanted to be happy and fit and beautiful for this little trip before he goes and I can still be these things in one way or another. Hopefully I can feel it and he can see it through the coughing and sniffing and sneezing.