So I’m always saying I’ll do things to improve either my health, my fitness, the way I look, my ethical feelings or my mental wellbeing in general. But I really struggle without an objective rule.

I want to cut back in how much I use my phone and I have been doing this by reading and listening to the radio more but there’s a lot more room to improve so I’m starting with 24hrs a week with no social media and I’ll build on that. 

For me that means- no Facebook(including  messenger) no Instagram, no WordPress, not even browsing other people’s Strava because that is something I would do (no Snapchat- but I don’t use that anyway). I’m hoping I’ll be able to make using IG or FB something out of the ordinary rather than a natural default which is how it feels right now. 

Whatsapp isn’t included because I use that to communicate with everyone except my dad. 

And this week, it starts now, at 1630 on 29.09.16.