In other much more positive news, it’s been a whole year since I started the job that I’d been aiming for during all my years before that. 

The confidence I have to do that job and take action on a daily basis is probably the biggest difference between then and now. 

All the changes that have come to our line of work I’ve tried to patiently wait out, hoping I still love it and I do, despite the feelings of some of my closest colleagues. My thoughts are almost all positive about the choice I made. That doesn’t mean i don’t get stressed when my decisions are questioned or a preposterous deadline is set.

Currently, I think I’m still at peace with the sacrifice of Christmas, New year and birthdays to do the job I love and to be there when no one else is. And I’m proud that Dr T has a similar mentality and devotion to his work. 

I think one key ingredient in the past year has been the rota I was assigned to, the team I became a part of. They’re golden. 

This week I’m just starting to feel the niggle of work/life balance with a team that feels like a family and a vital part of my life a few hours away, following a different pattern. 
It’ll work. As always I’m striving to find the right balance, trying to make the most of the quality time with the ones I love whilst trying to stay healthy. 

In both cases though, I’m in it for the long haul and I look forward to the dog days with my love just as much as the magical with him. 

I welcome the relatively slow time days at work along with the absolutely batshit bendy days… but it’s the bendy days that make it exciting. 🚨


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