My night shift last night was 13 hours long which is not unusual for some people and it puts my days into some perspective but last night was relentless. 

My crew mate and I went to at least 5 fights. One of which led to me sprinting to the assistance of my colleagues and actually being pleased at the speed with which I got there. Everyone was alright. 

Another led to me getting bitten, spat at, head butted, my colleagues and I told that our mothers should have drowned us at birth and that he was going to follow us home and ‘fuck you up’. I was bled on by a man saying “help me” and I was bruised and asked out in the foulest ways possible. 

The shift seemed to fly by and I slept like a baby today but there’s still one more to go.

As I’ve previously mentioned- it’s just as much the bendy days that make this job. I don’t like getting abused by people but I also like being there when we’re needed. 


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