Mrs Vaughan Williams – The Lady in the Van

Everyone’s got something to hide; my brother in law is a policeman. 


Catholic knees 

I feel immense guilt when I am hungover- without having actually done anything wrong or upsetting anybody. I think just the fact that I have been less inhibited, less in control and remember less really affects me and I think it’s never worth it but my friend sent me two great photos that reminded me of how great the night was before one of these awful days of guilt. I was having a good time, and I was relaxed with my friends and that’s important. 

I love women’s hour for the insight into other commonly lived experiences that I might not know about and then the further thinking into the things that are completely familiar to me. 

This program is obviously quite different and all about the BIG people. The high impact females who’ve changed things. 

There were some interesting choices and I’d like to discuss it further – I need another brain to twist my points around and to challenge me so I’ll remind myself to bring this list up with the important women in my life, and the important men. 

I might make my own list. Look out. 

NB: Remember to discuss this with my own powerful woman, my ma. 


My body is behaving strangely – I’ve come to know it fairly well but there’s been a couple of things troubling me and today it got a bit weirder. I have to keep my faith in some little things doing their jobs but I think it’s made me an emotional bunny today.