Absorbing Audio 

Over the last few years I’ve been steadily increasing the time I spend with podcasts. 

I feel infinitely better when I’ve listened to a story compared to when I’ve watched a story on the tv and I love the shift this has created – taking me away, once again, from that particular black mirror. 

And it appears to me that there are more stories true to life or rooted firmly in reality accessible in audio form than there is on tv. 

My Dad Wrote a Porno is obviously an exception to this rule. But it was a nice light hearted, cackle inducing, break for a time. I’ve yet to find the desire to listen to the second series but I’m sure it’ll roll around.

I’ve been listening to TedTalks pretty much every day but skipping some that really don’t appeal to me or that I think I won’t understand. I think I should change this to listen to things that’ll broaden my horizons more. Essentially I see physics and skip it but I listened to a talk about the importance of mathematics to children. 

Recently of interest after a conversation with Tom about a piece from Wait But Why is this talk https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/tedtalks-audio/id160904630?mt=2&i=1000378966822 efficiency is for robots. Working with bots might be the answer. 

Through Ted, my relationships and my work I’ve realised recently that if you’re a good speaker or a good writer who empathises with people, you can make them understand- even if it’s me and physics. 

I listen to This American Life while I drive which makes me feel like I learn more about the human condition and about the lives of others far from me and my existence. It’s easy and interesting and the people often surprise me and show me new angles to view life from. 

Anyway – The point of this post is that I’ve found a podcast to fill the hole that Serial left. 

Crimetown is a podcast series which investigates “the culture of crime” in a different American city with each season. 

(Crimetown comes from Gimlet and the creators of The Jinx: the life and deaths of Robert Durst, who is suspected of the murders of three people including his wife. Naturally, I’ll be moving on to The Jinx next- it sounds incredible.)

Providence, Rhode Island is the setting and main player in the first series of Crimetown. You’d be forgiven for believing that corrupt Mayor Buddy Cianci was the frontman of the show, but really his life and career story is a vessel for the story of the mob in this city. 

I love the format, the true voices and thoughts from prolific criminals, and the satisfying puzzle solving tone of the presenters. 

Czeck it! 


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