Didn’t we solve this one? 


This is a good but often incredibly sad discussion with some very brief moments of light. It’s actually a bit unexpectedly emotive after the first few minutes which made me chuckle a bit and I particularly like the start of Sarah’s story of finding how great she was at a life she never expected to encounter. I think this makes Sarah’s current situation and the struggle she’s been through already even more unsettling. I wish I could bring her here or make America change it’s mind. 

My dad was going to go back to Afghanistan to assist in assessing interpreters for asylum to the UK. Eventually he didn’t go back. And a lot of allies from Iraq and Afghanistan were flown out to the UK when troops left, when America left them behind with a promise. 

I feel quite strongly about this and don’t think that certain people should be making decisions about it who are so far removed from the reality of the situation. These interpreters and intelligence gatherers have put more on the line than a lot of us have. We owe them. 

I listen to This American Life continually reminding myself that I’m British and live in Britain but some of our issues and the nature of our culture can be very similar. 


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