The gloves are off 

TFH was talking about effort recently. I’ve always ridden bikes because I like it rather than any competitive desire but I have also always wanted to be better and braver at it and an easier companion. 

Today I saw the sunshine and felt the crisp air and I really wanted to ride but at the same time I think I’d woken up in a bit of a fog and was hoping that a little more go would find it’s way into me. 

It didn’t, so I kicked myself up the arse and went for a short spin anyway. And I felt slow but I held concentration for a bit longer than usual which meant I put a bit more effort in when I’d usually freewheel or relax a bit and I hit a handful of PRs even though I felt I was in a bit of a funk. 

I need to get my second lot of cycle computer components on VCB so I can push myself a bit more when I’m just sitting back and getting distracted. 

I’ve always understood that it doesn’t get easier you just get faster but I never really took much pleasure from that. But improving on my own times feels good and I like to see objective progress and I think this is it. I just wish I’d tried a bit harder earlier. 
The photo is a still from a video I sent my brother as a contrast to the Australian mountains he climbs. 🤚🏼


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