“The task of left-leaning advocates is to “understand the impossibility and undesirability of equality” while the task for right-leaning advocates was to “realise that a divided and hierarchical society cannot – in the best sense of that word – be fair”

Julian Glover 


I have been discussing the upcoming election with a good friend and I have been challenged, I have challenged him and I have tried to question myself. It has been both frustrating and helpful. 

I feel I have many half formed opinions and that I can dismiss some information or manage to genuinely avoid it until someone comes and slaps me around the face with it.  These are all bad things. 

I have also realised that I have deep rooted values of fairness, equality, compassion and humanity. I also like the idea of contributing to a community. 

I find it hard sometimes to find these reflected by political parties and to see past the motivations and characters of leaders and key players. I see others able to root this vote in the reality of our country’s current situation and the party leaders alone and I envy them sometimes. I’m still thinking about what sometimes feel like airy-fairy ideals. 

I keep reading that ‘equality is undesirable’ quote (from a Tory) over and over again and I think of Aristotle and Marx and contribution based remuneration and the realistic levelling between equality of outcome and equality of opportunity. 

I think I just want every human being to have equal access to safety, health, fulfillment and education. 

I don’t know. I feel like I’m not intelligent enough to speak or write or sometimes even think seriously about politics. 


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