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Recommendation / loan from 41065. First section I read last night while half asleep was quick and felt uplifting and fun. Her use of language is lovely and refreshing and it helps that this is bright lush autumn morning.


Book 12

Despite the nagging from Bridget at the beginning about listening to this and not reading a hard copy I’m counting it in my twenty books this year. It’s November now and I’m only on 12!

11 is taking too long.

And I like listening to her Gloucester accent.

Book 11 was passed to me by a sensitive friend from work.

I’m excited to learn about H. H. Holmes in what feels so much like a novel. I should know more about the history of the world and not just the UK. I suppose I’m not proficient enough in that to feel like I can move onto something else. I’m trying though. For America I learnt a little bit and was spurred to research sometimes by The West Wing, but I’m starting now with this serial killer and some magic.

Leo DiCaprio bought the film rights a while ago so that’s something to look forward to.

I ended up sending myself about 58 emails with quotes from Timequake by Kurt Vonnegut. I’ll keep most of them to myself until they hold some more relevance but in the meantime, I like this little gem.

“I will say, too, that lovemaking, if sincere, is one of the best ideas Satan put in the apple she gave to the serpent to give to Eve. The best idea in that apple, though, is making jazz.”

Book Ten – a recommendation from my dad. It's good already and easy to read.

Last night we had a nice chat about a potential CID future, why he rates this book, why he didn't like DUNKIRK (accepting that it was quite pretty), about the true events and what the Germans were doing and why, about his retirement and what he might have done differently, about my sister's fluctuating condition, about changing the dogs routine and how at the time of talking he was sleeping in his bed with his paws crossed so that " it's as if there should be some sailor tattoos on his forearms".

Book 9 The Old Man and the Sea 

Book 8

Book 7 has been a place for me to quietly dip in to when I’m home alone, the window is wide open and some late or early light is moving over me. Every time I open it I find something new. 

“Ah’m away fur a pee” 

I feel behind this week for a couple of reasons, one or two out of my control, but I’m trying to let it not be stressful and so far so good.

I did my job pretty well yesterday and that was rewarding despite the long day. An investigation came together around me in quite a short time and my decisions worked out well and there was a positive outcome with help from a very decisive supervisor. 

The job has made me think though; I believe the suspect (in a position of trust, so potentially viewed as extra bad) is guilty of an acquisitive crime against a man who is so well known and known to be a violent, nasty exploitative person. There was discussion in my team and the team I handed over to that we weren’t sure if we were disappointed that the job had all come together so well and yet, the victim is not someone who particularly needs or arguably deserves help. But I spoke to a wise man and he reminded me, “it’s not our job to judge”. We may suspect and we may believe and the basis for this needs to fit certain criteria in order to be processed fairly, but we are essentially gatherers and messengers. I said something like I hope we are all trying to be messengers of the truth. All be it seemingly unjust or undeserved. I believe in justice and fairness but I also believe in discretion. But I think my idea of equality trumps the disappointment we might feel in helping a man who seems to have done less than nothing to help anybody else in his life. 

Anyway, I’ve got the flat to myself and have spent a little while today listening to the intriguing Elon Musk and Serena Williams and the last in the wonderful Crimetown. 

Later in the week I’m hoping there’ll be time to think and write a bit about some more pressing issues to me than the fact I have no time and have listened to a handful of podcasts. I’m formulating and trying to tie down some opinions. 

Another one bites the dust

Book 4 had to go on the back burner for book 5 but both are done now and this asked nothing of me after book 5 conjured up all the emotion.