New music 10.02.2018

Chastity Belt – What the Hell?

If I look at my phone again, I’ll just wanna die

Aside from that, I feel all right

I know myself when I’m by myself

But I’d rather be around you

I just stumbled across this band and anther called Sheer Mag (photo below).

It’s been a while of not being excited about music and actually I’ve been a bit lost with it. Having to strike back over ten years sometimes to get any feeling but even that hasn’t worked at times and I feel like I stick on something easy and singalong to pass time in the car mostly when there’s something I’m not interested in on the radio.

I also think I’ve reached the end of the intense affair I’ve had with Isbell. I love it all, that hasn’t changed but it seems to be too gentle for me at the moment. The touching songs still find their way comfortably onto playlists but a lot of it isn’t interesting enough to me anymore, maybe I just know it too well.

But these little discoveries, especially (Sheer Mag) have made me feel so fresh and almost transported me back to being a teenager wandering around a town with my head in my ears. And I want to see these bands! It’s weird how it’s punk but it’s not punk but I like that. It’s another thing I intend to write a bit about soon.

Last weeks little foray back into the world of a low key show in a basement was lovely. Time to find more of that.



I keep writing half a blog post then never finishing it so when my rest days roll around I’ll try to remedy this. In the meantime, I’ve managed to write to some friends and family and walk some handsome dogs under blue skies so it’s not been entirely unproductive.


I’ll write more about how good it felt to be out this morning but I’ve not got long before work. So for now, some friends from a sunny wander. Think I was in a slight funk the last few weeks and it’s probably linked to what my ute* was doing but I definitely have at least double the energy and impetus that I did last week!

*my old friend and I were discussing anatomical words and decided ute is a good abbreviation for uterus so as not to make anyone too uncomfortable ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿผ

Book 1 of 2018

The Girls – Emma Cline

I should have more to say about this but it’s simply been, at times, an oddly uncomfortable solace this January. The writing is the solace. The content the slight discomfort.

I feel the final few paragraphs are integral and something every woman (with or without a past like Evie’s) could be familiar with.

In the last image Evie is a woman walking alone on a beach, it’s windy, there’s no one around and she sees a lone unknown male walking towards her.

“A rock. I thought crazily. He’ll pick up a rock. He’ll break open my skull, my brain leaking into the sand. He’ll tighten his hands around my throat until my windpipe collapses.”

Then a few lines later as he has become closer and smiled as he passed, “oh. Because he was just a normal man, harmless”.

I hate telling women how to protect themselves and reduce risk but it’s safer to be a bit scared sometimes and let that inform actions. ๐Ÿ’”