Caught a glimpse of myself before I ran out to the doctors earlier. The eye bags are justified and the crumpled shirt is reflective of my tired little brain.


Listening to intelligent humans speak

So recently I’ve been reading more and listening to more podcasts, TED talks, radio 4 and audiobooks. It feels good. I feel like I’m engaging a bit more mentally. 

(On the flip side, watching / listening to the news is actually upsetting and scaring me) 

I find good podcasts really rewarding as it feels like instant non fiction and hopefully eloquent opinion sharing. 

Side note- I want more Louis THEROUX soon. 

My favourite recently has been Richard AYOADE on Adam BUXTON’s lovely podcast. I absolutely revelled in Travel Man with AYOADE, and some of the more personal elements of his behaviours and attitudes that get shared when he’s not overdoing them for the sake of comedy remind me of my partner in crime. 

Adam just reminds of my good friend José, who I haven’t seen for far too long. It was José that first told me about Adam and Joe years ago when we met. 

Adam has a dog called Rosie. This is Rosie bouncing in a field. 

Hand stand

Made an enquiry last week about potential yoga classes near me and it came through today. It’ll be an outgoing but I think it will bring a lot in return. 

It should be flexible enough for me to get to one class a week / a work set until Christmas and I’m so excited to get a bit of a base down so that I can continue on my own. 

Everything I’ve been doing so far I’ve tried my best but it’s likely there are a lot of areas that aren’t quite right and I’m not getting the benefit from.

And my own little goal is to master a handstand so that I can incorporate inversions safely into my days. 

Positive steps will see your goals, whether it’s dollars or control feel the gold.