There’s been a lot that I want to write about and a lot that I want to read and hopefully I’ll get around to some of that soon. But today has been about preparation before a busy week or so. 

The above is a very practical representation  of the warmth of being looked after and wishing to make another’s days easier but miles getting in the way. 

I’ve been thinking about what others are facing and hoping that should any adverse bends in the road come our way we can be there for the other to keep it all steady. 


Ive spent more hours outside today than I have inside and that’s perfect for me. 

The first hour was the usual ride and I hit a few more PBs despite feeling heavy and losing concentration a few times. 

Ive been listening to Silverstein again after a little while away and it was perfect today, until I was punching the air singing and riding with no hands and I nearly lost it 🙃

I’m ready to ride to work for 4 out of my 6 shifts now but the showers at work are broken so this set might be my first chance to actually do it and get to grips with any little changes I’ll need to make to make it safe and comfortable. 

Positive change and progress. 


When I spoke with TFH on Friday he said he’d started his week on a back foot and it all seemed to blur as if all he’d been doing is working and sleeping. I wanted to be able to give him some extra hours in his days. 

At that stage I was only two shifts in but they’d been fairly busy. Now, with two to go, I feel exactly the same. 

Last night a lot happened late in the shift and I did an extra 3 hours to tidy everything up after a little adrenaline spike. Every shift has been a touch longer than planned. 

I’d wanted to ride today but didn’t sleep as long as I needed and had committed to walking the little dogs. I’ve felt so low on everything that makes me feel bouncy, that I didn’t really want to ride, despite the beautiful weather. I’ve been delicate and appreciative of the softer side of people. After last night and seeing how some people are simply abhorrent and a danger to others and police (and probably ,but least importantly for these people, themselves) I’m looking forward to relaxing into the arms that hold me (both literally and metaphorically).

This evening I’ve had a little sleep and I feel slightly more ready for the next two nights. The new walk I took the dogs on was substantial, full of sun and is the 4th walk of this set. I realised it’s okay if all I can manage is work, sleep and dogs.

It has been a blur but for a few hours each day I’ve not worn uniform or been horizontal and I’ve been something free from the weight of the week.